Avery Shropshires

 "Your Source for Quality Shropshires"


A Big Thank You goes out to these 2012 buyers!

Shroyer Sisters, OH
Erik Mrozinski, IN
Jim & Donna Gruenhagen & Family, IA
Seth Evans, OH
Eddison Shippy & Family, IN
Denise Hardisky, PA
Caitlyn Greybell, IN
Norbert Jackson Family, IN
Janet Baker, IN
Dan Hartzlet, IN
Elsbury Shropshires, IN
Hicks Family, OK
Craig & Patterson, IL
SS Shrops, IA
Sugar Ridge Ranch, WI
Molly Woods, IL
Cameron Snyder, IL
Ryan Corder, KY

would like to thank the following 2011 buyers at the Ohio Classic, Shropshire Spectacular and at the farm!

Dalton Hicks, OK
Martin Conklin Family, OH
KW Shropshires, ID
Elaine Jaycox, NY
Jacob Wilken, IL
Courtney Sargent, OH
Mark & Patty Wisehart, IN
RoKaJo, MO
Moeller Shrops, OH
Sarah Walker, OK
Rebecca Jones, MO
Kyle Mosier, IL
Sugar Ridge Ranch, WI

  We continue to appreciate John Mrozinski for 33 years of flock consultation and working with us over the years. Thank you!

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